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Aquariums have been known to improve people's physical and mental well being. In my experience, it keeps me occupied and makes me think what should i do next. Whenever, i get some free time; i try to build something new or find an affordable way to improve life of my fish. Example, rather than buying expensive aquarium lighting, i can go to a hardware store and buy some cheap lights and modify them to fit my aquarium without compromising the health of my fish and aquatic plants.

DIY aquarium projects will get you thinking creatively as there are numerous ways of creating things. Most of the time you will save money in this addictive aquarium hobby and there will always be something new to learn.

DIY Projects Do It Yourself Aquarium Projects
How To Install Aquarium Powerhead Pump
Aquarium Power heads: Water pump in the aquarium moves water from the tank to the filter so it can be cleaned. It also circulates and oxygenate the water by creating disturbance on the surface layer. It is very easy to install an aquarium pump also known as powerheads.
Install Underwater LED lights and Create Bubble Wall Effect
Underwater LEDs: Aquarium underwater LEDs is a cool feature added to tanks these days, thanks to the technology. Now you can get better lighting and aeration by installing underwater LED lighting and create a bubble wall effect in the aquarium.

How To Install Airpump and Airstone in Aquarium
Install Air Pump in Aquarium: An air pump is not a necessity but having it in the aquarium ensures that there is enough disturbance at the surface layer of the tank to oxygenate the water. Setting up an air pump and air stone is very basic and most of my fish loves the bubbles.

Build a Free Aquarium Rock Cave
Free Aquarium Rock Cave: Aquarium hobby can be addictive. But to save money a lot of things can be done cheap and sometimes free. Free aquarium safe rocks can be collected next to lakes or river and these free stones can be used to build a free rock cave in the fish tank.

Install cheap LED Aquarium Lighting
LED Aquarium Lighting: Aquarium fish and aquatic plants both needs light to grow and stay healthy. But it doesn't mean that expensive lighting should be install in aquarium. There are cheaper options available, which i will share in this cheap LED lighting for aquarium.

How to Install a Breeder Net in Aquarium
Aquarium Breeder Net: Breeding fish can get bit challenging especially when the adult fish tries to eat the fry. The solution is very simple, rather than moving them to a new tank; buy and install breeder net so you can keep both adult fish and fry in the same aquarium.

Let us know what do you think about these simple aquarium related projects.
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