DIY Aquarium And Pond Filter

Pond & Aquarium Filter DIY

Aquarium and pond filter provides mechanical and biological filtration and it is a crucial component of all type of tanks. Mechanical filter media cleans the water of any debris such as excessive fish food and fish waste and it ensures that only clean water passes through biological filter media. To establish bacterial colonies in the tank, biological filtration is of utmost important. Bio media is house to both aerobic and an-aerobic bacteria which converts ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrates.

Most of the market built filters might not be suitable for your aquarium due to size, weight and the level of modification required to the tank in order to attach the filter. I take this as an opportunity and would like to share my own projects on building aquarium and pond filters at home. And after reading these tutorials and by watching step by step videos, you would be able to build your own DIY aquarium filter for the tank. Please find below playlist from my youtube channel, if you are interested in the content then i would highly appreciate your subscription as it means a lot to me.


DIY Filter For Pond & Aquarium

I hope you would enjoy watch above playlist of my DIY filters. An efficient filtration system will help minimize water changes and improve fish health. What is your preferred aquarium or pond filter and how often do you change your aquarium water?

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