Aquascaping and Aquatic Plants

Creating and managing an aquatic environment inside an aquarium is referred to as Aquascaping. It is a simple and effective process to add serenity to the tank. To create an aquascape, most of the aquarium hobbyist gather and combine all the elements that could be found in natural water such as ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. By setting up gravel, stones, rocks, driftwood and attaching some aquatic plants to these elements a natural environment could be created inside the aquarium. And it is often re-arranged to change the layout of the tank.

Plants filters the aquarium water by absorbing all the excess nutrients (nitrogen compounds) which is harmful for the fish. They also provide food and shelter to various inhabitant of the tank such as pregnant fish and newborns referred to as fry. There are two types of aquatic plants used in the aquarium hobby. Submerged plants are rooted in the bottom sediments and they grow under water. And floater plants have roots dangling in the aquarium water which soaks all the nutrients and their leaves offers a safe place for the fish to spawn.

DIY Aquatic Project Aquascaping in the Aquarium
How To Grow Potted Plants in Aquarium
Aquarium Potted Plants: I tend to keep my aquariums bare bottom, which makes it easy for me to clean. However, i do need to add some aquatic plants so it can keep water clean and provide hiding place for the fish. Here is how i have added potted plants to the fish tank.

How To Attach Java Moss To a Rock
Grow Java Moss On a Rock: Rock and aquatic plants are two important elements in aquascaping. A bare rock might not blend in, which is why it is important to attach aquatic plants before adding it to the tank. I have used super glue to attach java moss to a rock in this project.

How To Prepare Aquarium Driftwood
Aquarium Driftwood: Is a piece of wood that stays inside the tank and provides a natural look to the aquarium. It helps in reducing the stress by offering some hiding place to the fish. It is very important that a driftwood must be prepared and cleaned before it is added to the tank.

How To Prepare Aquarium Driftwood
Top 5 Aquatic Plants: You can add lust greenery to fish tank by adding live aquarium plants. Most of the hobbyists buy plants from fish store that are non aquatic & they die soon. It is very important to learn about true aquatic plants before purchasing them.

Top 10 non aquatic plants
Top 10 non aquatic plants: Aquarium & plant sellers often sell non aquatic plants. Do not trust sellers & confirm that the plant you want to buy will stay alive for a long time if it is aquatic because some plants die very soon. Learn about top 10 non aquatic plants & why you should avoid them in aquarium.

Types of True Aquatic Plants
Types of Aquatic Plants: Aquatic plants are categorized into 4 different types depending on their tolerance to water such as some plants are submersible while others live happily on water surface. There are 4 categories of aquatic plants & you can learn in detail about different types of aquatic plants.
Types of True Aquatic Plants
Will cheap Aquarium Carpet Seeds Grow?: I purchased Aquarium Carpet Seeds from Ebay. I added amazonia soil to aquarium & added seeds to it. After following instructions from supplier I nurtured the seeds for 2 weeks. Learn in detail about Will Aquarium Carpet Seeds Grow?
Attach java fern to driftwood using glue
Attach java fern to driftwood: Java Fern is a tough plant suitable for beginners. It is very simple to attach java fern to driftwood. We have used super glue to accomplish this task. Learn in detail about how to attach java fern plant to driftwood

Let us know what type of plants do you have in your fish tank and how often do you change aquarium water.
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