Aquarium And Pond Filtration

Basics of Filtration In Aquarium & Pond:

Every aquarium and pond needs a filtration system that could keep water clean by removing excess food, decaying organic matter, fish waste and other harmful chemicals from the water. Filtration consists of two main components; mechanical filter media and biological filter media. Some people also use chemical filtration which is optional and could only be used when it is required.

Mechanical filter media ensures that only clean water flows through the biological media. Depending on the size of an aquarium filter; i would highly recommend using three types of mechanical filter media; coarse foam, medium foam and a fine foam.

A good biological filtration will establish healthy bacterial colonies in the tank. Good bacteria is also known as beneficial bacteria and it consumes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and convert it to something less harmful for the fish.

Filtration System of Aquarium & Pond

Do you have both aquarium/pond filter and aquatic plants in your tank? What type of filtration do you use in your tanks and how do you keep water clean and healthy for your fish? Let us know in the comment section below.

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