Benefits of a Fluidized Moving Bed Filter (QANVEE / Ziss Filter):

Many types of filters are available in the market & it gets difficult to find the one that is economical, efficient & perfect for your aquarium size. It also depends on how many fish you are keeping, whether you have a planted aquarium, & have you setup a freshwater or marine aquarium. Every filter has its own pros & cons, so there isn’t any ideal choice available. But if you have a freshwater or marine tank, have many plants, & too many fish then I would recommend you to use a fluidized moving bed filter as a secondary filter.

Fluidized moving bed filters need low maintenance because they do not clog easily, & have self-cleaning media which cleans itself & does not need replacement.

Internal filters do not hold enough good bacteria. Canister filters that are located outside aquariums need regular maintenance such as frequent cleaning otherwise they will not be able to work efficiently when they clog up.

Benefits of a Fluidized Moving Bed Filter
Benefits of a Fluidized Moving Bed Filter

Advantages of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter:

  • Media inside the fluidized filter will rub against each other, & will quickly drop the levels of ammonia & nitrites in the water. They can’t wipe out nitrates though. So, it is important to change partial aquarium water on a regular basis to remove the toxins that stay in the water. You can also use your main filter for wiping out nitrates. Even if there are low nitrates in the water, still your aquarium water needs frequent water change because freshwater contains minerals that are needed by fish & live plants.
  • Fluidized moving bed filters are best for fish breeding aquariums because they wipe out toxic chemicals released from fish waste as high protein food is offered to the fish to help them grow quickly that will turn into lots of poop. A sponge filter is used at the filter intake that will stop fries from entering the filter intake. Also, fish fries can scrape off the remaining food attached to the sponge.
  • They take less space inside the aquarium so your fish can freely swim.
  • Multiple models of this filter are available because they have a simple design. These filters are offered by large distributors, which are available for low cost as compared to ordinary filters.
  • It can provide fast & efficient purification of aquarium water.
  • Water is aerated with the help of an air stone. It will move the filter media & will increase the rate of good bacteria growth. Air stone will produce quiet bubbles & will increase the rate of air bubbles.
  • They are the top secondary filters for aquariums & work well in a heavily stocked fish tank.
  • Fluidized moving bed filters can be used in freshwater & saltwater aquariums.
  • The best bacteria will grow on the filter media because media will constantly rub each other & the old bacteria will be knocked off.
  • Sponge will offer physical filtration & you can simply take it out for cleaning.
  • It is pleasant to see the filter media banging with each other constantly.

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