Is setting up an internal aquarium filter necessary? What are its benefits?

Every aquarium needs a filter for better water filtration that includes mechanical & biological filtration. Filters are divided into 2 types: Internal & External Filters.

External filters are located outside the aquarium, & they draw water via inlet pipe & after filtering water, they push water back to the aquarium via outlet pipe.

Internal filters are submersible in water. They are operated via air pump or powerhead. Have a look at benefits of using internal filters in aquariums:

Is setting up an internal aquarium filter necessary?
Is setting up an internal aquarium filter necessary?

Benefits of Internal Filters:

  • External filters may not efficiently filter water of a large aquarium with too many fish. Hence a secondary filter is required for better filtration. Aquarium internal filters are best secondary filters because they are efficient in cleaning water.
  • Internal filters are power efficient & cheap.
  • There is no need to connect an inflow & outflow pipe assembly to the internal filter because it is fully submersible in water.
  • It is easy to setup an internal filter because it comes with its own suction cups. Just press the suction cups against the tank glass for fixing it.
  • It comes pre-assembled so there is no need to manually assemble it. Canister filters & other external filters need to be assembled. They require setting up inflow / outflow pipes, & also some of them need to be customized such as adding your own foams & bio media. Internal filters have very fine foams & sponges, & they have enough bio media so they don’t need any customization. Also, every component is pre-installed in the internal filter so there is no need to assemble it. Internal filters do not use inflow / outflow pipes so they are recommended for beginners.
  • Internal filters are usually small, not as bulky as canister filters, & they are not as noisy as external filters.
  • Internal filters are used for aerating water due to surface agitation. They disturb the water surface, & expel carbon dioxide from the water & add oxygen.
  • Internal filters can circulate water. Internal filters clean water efficiently because they circulate water & force fish poop & other debris to leave the substrate & the waste is trapped by the filter.
  • Two internal filters connected to opposite sides of the aquarium can circulate water even better than one. Internal filter connected to the right side of the aquarium, forces water towards the left side that forces debris to leave the substrate & the detritus is trapped by the filter connected to the left side. Filter on the left side collects water & pushes water towards the right side, & the waste is trapped by the filter.
  • Multiple internal filters in one aquarium can offer a benefit that if one filter stops working, then you can use another filter for cleaning water, before you arrange a new filter for the aquarium. New filter that you introduce will take time to grow good bacteria, so the backup filter already has heaps of good bacteria that will help in fighting against germs & dangerous chemicals.

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