How to cool fish bowl aquarium water in hot weather for free?

In summers, outside temperature is extremely hot, & indoor temperatures are comparatively cooler due to the use of fans & air conditioner. Many aquarists think that the inside temperature is fine for fish in summers but it's still warm indoors unless you turn on the air conditioner. And usually, aquarium water is warmer than the ambient home temperature because water in fish tanks is heated by tank lights. Survival of fish in cool or warm water depends on the type of fish. Cold water fish can survive at cooler temperatures but they have difficulty if aquarium water temperature is warmer. Warm water fish can survive at temperatures slightly over 80 F. Normally fish have difficulty surviving in warm water. There are two reasons that the increase in temperature could affect your fish. Fish can’t live if water is warmer than their ideal temperature. Their metabolic rate & activity level increases in warm water so they breathe more oxygen. Warm water has a shortage of oxygen. In summers, you might observe your fish gasping at the water surface because they are breathing air. So, fish need more oxygen in summers as compared to winters. It is recommended to use a powerhead or an air pump for adding more oxygen in the water.

How to cool fish bowl aquarium water for free?
How to cool fish bowl aquarium water for free?

What are the different methods for cooling fish bowl water in hot weather at no cost?

Ceiling or desk fans can cool fish bowl water in summers. Fanning at the water surface will cause more evaporation. Evaporation changes the water phase from liquid to gaseous state so it releases heat energy. Hence it cools down water temperature.

A desk fan should be focused towards the top of the fish bowl. In the same way, you can place your fish bowl beneath a ceiling fan. Removing the bowl lid will increase evaporation at the water surface so water will cool down quickly. Also, you can use a mesh lid that has holes if you fear that your fish can jump outside. It is convenient to place your fish bowl in a cool room in summers for lowering water temperature. Also, you can use an aquarium filter that causes disturbance at the water surface or use an air pump that releases bubbles in the water, & these bubbles cause surface agitation when they hit the water surface. Surface agitation can cause gas exchange at the water surface so it releases CO2 & adds fresh oxygen from the air. Higher surface agitation can increase the rate of water evaporation.

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