How to modify a fish tank for small lizards, & what lizards are best for beginners?

Fish tanks can be used for caging pet reptiles. Fish tanks are very popular but they do not offer the best place for reptiles because they are customized for keeping fish. However, fish tanks are not the best home for large reptiles but they can offer decent space for keeping small reptiles.

How to modify a fish tank for lizards?

The fish tank needs to be modified before it is suitable for keeping any reptile. A screen lid should be used instead of the glass top. The top should fasten properly in its place so there is no space from where your reptile can escape. Basking lamps & lights should be placed on top of the screen lid. If your reptile needs high humidity, cover part of the top with glass to reduce the amount of airflow, & increase the amount of water in the air.  

Hobbyists can keep small lizards in their fish tanks but before that, it is recommended to replace the glass top with a screen lid, as well as setup equipment for heating & lighting on top of the lid. An arboreal lizard will attempt to escape when you remove the lid. Some of the lizards need higher temperatures that can be challenging to accomplish in aquariums.

What lizards are best for beginners?
What lizards are best for beginners?

Which lizards are beginners friendly?

Lizards are amazing pets but they need special care. Fortunately, beginner friendly lizards are also available that can stay strong & happy with you even if you have never kept a pet lizard before.

Many different types of lizards are famous but not every species is recommended for beginners. Every species has its own lifespan, food, behaviour, tank requirements, prone to illnesses, etc. Based on the specifications of lizards, we can tell you which lizard is best for beginners.

If a tank lizard is famous, then there will be more research about them, & you will find more help about keeping them healthy & happy in your tank.

Small lizards need small homes & usually low care; therefore, they are classified for beginners.

Lizards that are less susceptible to diseases are recommended for beginners.

An owner would infrequently handle his lizard, when the tank requires management. Peaceful lizards would not mind handling on a regular basis, & they would not usually bite their owners.

A nice lizard will give you good company, & you will be delighted when you interact with your lizard. Multiple different species of lizards have these qualities, & therefore they are best for the new lizard keepers.


1. Bearded Dragon:

However, Bearded Dragon looks aggressive but they are peaceful & gentle. They can achieve a moderate size, & do not usually mind regular handling.


2. Leopard Gecko:

Leopard Gecko needs less cleaning, & upon reaching maturity, they become more docile, rather than becoming aggressive. They need low food requirements, & low maintenance.


3. Blue-Tongued Skink:

Blue-Tongued Skink grow large but their unique tongues make them popular among the lizard keepers. They are slow & need simple handling. They have simple demands for food, & because of their digging habit, they need large deep aquariums.


4. Crested Gecko:

Crested Gecko have spiky eyebrows, & they are passive gecko kinds but they climb & require large vertical aquariums. They need less cleaning, & do not require bright lights because they can survive at room temperature. They do not usually mind handling.

5. Uromastyx:

Uromastyx are spiny-tailed lizards, recommended for novices. They like regular handling. They mostly eat vegetarian foods; therefore, it is simple to feed them. They are playful, which makes them a great beginners pet.

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