Which Aquarium Filter is Best for Cherry Barbs Fish?

Cherry Barbs can survive in harsh water conditions so they are known as beginners’ fish. It is simple to care for Cherry Barbs. It is suggested to keep the aquarium water parameters in the ideal range if you want to keep Cherry Barbs healthy. Stress could ultimately make your fish sick so changes in water conditions should be avoided.

If you are looking for the best filter for Cherry Barbs aquarium, then I would suggest you to use any filter but set the outflow of the filter to the minimum because Cherry Barbs like slow water current. If your aquarium water current is fast then Cherry Barbs will not do well.
I think that a hang on back (HOB) filter is fine for Cherry Barbs because it will keep the water crystal clear. It is important to adjust your filter outflow rate to the minimum because Cherry Barbs like slow moving water. You can regulate the water flow by using a hang on back filter.

If you have setup a planted aquarium, then my suggestion is to use a canister filter because they are quite efficient in mechanical & biological filtration, & will collect dead plant leaves too. 

If you want to keep your Cherry Barbs healthy, then my suggestion is to maintain your fish tank. Make sure that your aquarium water is clean, water is well circulated & aerated, & you regularly clean your filter. Over time your filter media might get clogged so they might require cleaning or replacement. Cleaning of your filter media is mandatory because it will help your filter run at maximum efficiency. Also, it is mandatory to frequently change the partial water of your aquarium & replace it with freshwater.

Cherry Barbs only need a 10 gallon aquarium with lots of plants. It is important to mimic your aquarium like their wild, by adding heaps of live plants, some rocks, & offer plenty of hiding spots so your Cherry Barbs can hide. It is important to have some space free because Cherry Barbs are great swimmers.

Which Aquarium Filter is Best for Cherry Barb Fish?
Which Aquarium Filter is Best for Cherry Barb Fish?

Many aquarists keep sponge filters in Cherry Barbs’ aquariums. Sponge filter is operated by an air pump, & aquarists use an air stone for reducing the bubbling noise. Sponge filters are the cheapest among all filters, & they can provide excellent biological filtration. Also, they do not suck little Cherry Barbs. If you are using a canister or a hang on back filter, then it is recommended to add a sponge filter to the filter intake to stop Cherry Barbs from entering the filter intake valve.

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