Best Fish Tank Filter for Clown Loach Fish:

Filter is a crucial device that should be included in every fish tank. It cleans the waste produced by fish as well as aerates & circulates water. Filters have the basic function of trapping waste particles, remaining food & other decaying matter that would otherwise rot & release toxic ammonia. For trapping solid particles, you will need mechanical filter media inside your filter. Mechanical filter media can be a foam or a sponge that will trap anything that passes through it except water. But ammonia can still pass through the filter because it is a chemical compound. Every aquarium has the ability to break down ammonia into nitrites, & nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates are comparatively less toxic than nitrites & ammonia, & its presence in the water is not dangerous. But high levels of nitrates are still dangerous for the life of fish. It is recommended to change partial water regularly to keep the level of nitrates low.

Now, let’s see how the nitrogen cycle works. Nitrogen cycle is very important for every aquarium because it builds up good bacteria inside your filter that is responsible for the removal of ammonia & nitrites. Make sure you cycle your aquarium before adding stock to it so that there is enough useful bacteria inside your filter. Useful bacteria grows on the bio media that offers a surface where this bacteria can grow in large colonies.

Best Aquarium Filter for Clown Loach Fish
Best Aquarium Filter for Clown Loach Fish

Canister Filter is the Best Filter for Clown Loach Fish:  

For a small team of Clown Loaches, you will need at least a 150-gallon tank. For one mature Clown Loach, you will require around 30 gallons of water. So, you will need a filter recommended for large aquariums such as a canister filter. It is an external filter that draws water from the aquarium using an inlet pipe & sends water back to the fish tank using an outlet pipe or spray bar. Canister filters can circulate water if you setup inlet & outlet pipes at the opposite sides of the aquarium. Canister filters can store heaps of media such as foams & bio media. So, lots of useful bacteria can grow on the media. You can also setup media depending on your requirement because canister filters can be customized.

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