Endler Guppy Overview, Aquarium Setup, Water Conditions, Diet, Tank Mates, Care Guide & Breeding:

Endler also called Poecilia wingei, is a little fish that belongs to the Paria Peninsula in Venezuela. Endler is a prolific breeder & people usually mate it with guppy. The babies are beautiful & colorful, & are available worldwide as Endler’s Guppy. This fish is popular because of its little size, good behavior, colorful & gorgeous look.




Scientific Name

Poecilia wingei

Other Names

Endler’s livebearer, Endler’s guppy

Aquarium Size

Five or More Gallons





Water Temperature

22 to 26 Degree Celsius

Water pH

6.7 - 8.5

Length of Endler Guppy

1.4 inches


Endler Guppy Aquarium Setup & Water Conditions:

You can keep Endler Guppy in a nano aquarium due to its small size. It is super active, & a schooling fish. If you keep both male & female in the same aquarium, then reproduction will happen. They like planted aquariums & they are relaxed in an aquarium with floating plants.

Endler Guppy likes to swim in upper water layers, & you can keep them in community with other peaceful mates.

It is very easy to keep Endler Guppy in aquarium. They are hardy & are also called beginners fish. Ideal water conditions for the fish are from 22 to 26 Degree Celsius, water hardness of up to 25 Degree, & pH from 6.7 to 8.5.

Ensure your aquarium water temperature & quality does not change suddenly which could negatively affect males fin. Do not change water quickly & change only up to 35 percent of water at a time.

If you light up your aquarium more often then, it could change the appearance of Ender Guppy as the fish may look pale.

Endler Guppy
Image Credit: aquariadise.com

Endler Guppy Diet:

Offer artificial, live diet & vegetable flakes to Endler Guppy in aquarium. Also they like dry food along with vegetables & live foods.

Do not overfeed your fish because it can cause obesity.


Endler Guppy Tank Mates:

Endler Guppies are small so make sure you do not mix them with large aggressive fish. We recommend adding only small & non aggressive species to your aquarium. Some of the compatible fish includes cloud mountain minnow, cherry barb, cardinal tetra, neon tetra, harlequin rasbora, & oto catfish.

Make sure you add proper ratio of both gender in aquarium. We recommend adding a single male for every three females or one male for every two females in the aquarium, otherwise males will harass the females & it could have a negative effect on the health of females.


How to Recognize Male & Female Endler Guppy:

Male & Female Endler Guppy
Image Credit: cdn.shopify.com

Females of Endler Guppy are longer & fatter as compared to males. They have pale colored short fins as compared to males. Bodies of females are silver or golden, they may have spots.

The female body is longer and fatter, than that of the male. The female fins are short and rather pale colored.

Male Enlder Guppy look like rainbow, & have multiple colors: ranging from red to violet. It has a long tail with fancy patterns. Every Endler Guppy has a unique pattern.


Breeding Endler Guppy:

Breeding of Endler Guppy is easy. Their breeding take place in captivity. You only need a male & female Endler Guppy for reproduction. Keep them in a single tank & keep some plants, decorations, & structures in the tank so that fries can hide underneath them.

Female Endler Guppy is ready to mate when it is only 2 months old. They are live bearers which means they do not lay eggs but keep their eggs in their bodies for 22 to 24 days, & then fries come out of the body of mothers. Mating process can be enhanced if you raise tank temperature by 2 degrees. If mating is successfully done, then you can have several fries.

Offer brine shrimp nauplii to the babies. Provide food 3 times a day to the fries for about 2 weeks & then only feed them twice a day. At the start of the 6th week, when male Endler Guppy takes full color, feed them only one time a day.

Endler Guppy Care Guide:

Adults can consider fries as food & can eat them so make sure you remove offspring from the adults. Many fish owners use breeding box where you can keep pregnant mother. When she gives birth to fries, the young escape the holes in the compartment & mother is trapped inside. Then you can remove the mother & keep the young in the breeding box until they mature.

Also many aquarists keep moss or other live plants for the offspring to take temporary shelter before you can see them & shift them either to a separate aquarium or keep them in breeding box. It is however difficult to catch the young because of their tiny size, they are pretty hide to spot. Use fish net to shift the young to a place where they are secure.

When male Endler Guppy is about 3 to 4 weeks old, they receive its adult coloring & female is ready for giving birth when she is about 2 months old. Offer food to babies just 2 to 3 times a day, & they will grow quickly.

Leave your aquarium bare bottom for easy maintenance or if you are planning to add live plants then we recommend adding substrate to tank. Also there is another way of keeping live plants in the tank by keeping them in netted pots & gently fill pots with gravels. It is advisable to keep more plants in aquarium but ensure you have enough free space as Endler Guppy are very active in swimming.

Tall plants with a long stem & small leaves are a better choice for Endler Guppy. Such plants can make it to surface of water. Also Endler Guppy likes floating plants in aquarium. Such plants can provide shelter for babies.

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