Jardini Arowana:

Gulf Saratoga is also named as Jardini Arowana, Spotted Baramundi, Australian Bonytongue, & Australian Arowana. They are territorial & aggressive in nature.

You can keep Spotted Baramundi in pond because they need lower maintenance. Make sure you cover the pond so that fish does not jump out. Keeping them in community pond is dangerous & they may eat other species.

Spotted Baramundi is a fresh water fish.

Mix Gulf Saratoga with robust & large fish.

Jardini Arowana
Jardini Arowana
Image Credit: alchetron.com

Leichardti Arowana:

Southern Saratoga is found in fresh water of Australia. It is a carnivorous mouth brooder. Southern Saratoga & Gulf Saratoga both are commonly known as Australian Arowana & Barramundi.

Other name of Southern Saratoga is Leichardti Arowana. Leichardti likes to have lots of space for free swimming & decoration in the tank is not very important. Add a filter to your aquarium because the large adult fish can produce too much waste especially if you want to keep many large fish in the same aquarium. Make sure you cover the head of aquarium as they are excellent jumpers.

Southern Saratoga loves to live in slow moving water. They like vegetation on surface of water or overhanging branches.

Leichardti Arowana
Leichardti Arowana
Image Credit: fishbase.org

Differences & Similarities between Leichardti Arowana & Jardini Arowana:

Leichardti Arowana & Jardini Arowana are hardy & have a strong immunity system. They love to live in tropical tanks & lower temperatures have no effect on them. They do not show disturbing behaviors towards tank vegetation.

Leichardti Arowana needs a tank size of about 180 cm long X 40 cm wide if you are keeping them. Ideal temperature of water for Southern Saratoga is b/w 20 to 25 degree Celsius.

Adult Jardini Arowana needs a tank of about 72-inch x 24-inch x 24-inch. Large Gulf Saratoga needs 680 liters of water but having a bigger tank is better for them.

Gulf Saratoga needs a tank with minimum requirements of 55 gallons of water. They will need even larger tank if cared well.

Gulf Saratoga needs a pH from 6.8 to 7.8, dH from 8 to 16, & temperature requirement is from 24 to 30 degree Celsius.

Many hobbyists are wondering which arowana they can keep in their tank. It is difficult to distinguish between both arowanas because they look similar.

Southern Saratoga is up to 90 cm long & weighs 4 kg. Southern Saratoga is a long specie having large scales, large pectoral fins, & have small paired barbels on the lower jaw. Each scale on Leichardti’s dark colored body has a red or pink spot; which offers a different appearance than Gulf Saratoga, that has multiple reddish spots on each scale in a crescent shape. Leichardti is slimmer than Gulf Saratoga & has lower weight than Gulf Saratoga. Southern Saratoga weighs 4 kg while Gulf Saratoga weighs 17.2 kg if both of them are 90 cm long.


Check out features of Leichardti Arowana:

  • Southern Saratoga has a straight dorsal profile & its head lies in the same line as back.
  • The barbels of Leichardti point straight
  • Small red spots can be seen on Leichardti fins
  • Red spots are visible in the center of Southern Saratoga scales
  • Southern Saratoga has no patterns on gill cover
  • Leichardti has silver color
  • Southern Saratoga are primitive, surface dwelling fish having compressed bodies
  • Southern Saratoga have flat back, having a dorsal fin set back towards the tail of its long body
  • Color of Southern Saratoga is dark brown to olive green along the back of the fish body, having lighter sides & it has a white belly
  • Body scales of Southern Saratoga has 1 or 2 pinkish spots

Southern Saratoga is not very aggressive like Gulf Saratoga but both of them are territorial & exhibit aggression towards its mates. Southern Saratoga in the wild battle over territories & adult fish show such type of temper.

Southern Saratoga show aggression towards its own kind. You can keep robust & large fish in the same aquarium. Southern Saratoga are territorial & can be aggressive towards other fish.


Check out features of Jardini Arowana:

  • The dorsal profile of Gulf Saratoga has a slight curve & it’s head is sloped down
  • Barbels of Gulf Saratoga are pointed downward
  • Fins of the fish have 2 to 3 large red spots
  • Scales of Gulf Saratoga have red crescents
  • Gill covers of Gulf Saratoga have a pattern
  • Color of the fish is dark bronze


You can simply differentiate between the 2 by gazing at the gills & watching if pattern is available.

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