How To Install Powerhead In Tank:

Powerhead is used to accomplish 2 essential features: it can help in creating current & aerating water, & pushing water to filters. It helps produce waves in reef tanks. 

Choosing a powerhead is based on how much volume of water you want to move. If you want to buy a powerhead for operating a filter, then its rating is based on pumping a certain volume of water in an hour. Usually a turnover of about 6 gallons of water in an hour is suggested when you want effective filtration so if a tank can hold about 40 gallons of water then it is suggested to have a powerhead that can move 240 gallons of water in an hour.

How To Install Powerhead In Aquarium
How To Install Powerhead In Aquarium


Movement of water can produce aeration due to continuous mixing water surface with the remaining water in tank. Powerhead can help in aerating water so there is no need to buy an air pump & air stone as submersible pump has an attachment to draw air & pump it out through its output. It might not create that many bubbles but help in aerating water better than air stone.

Features of powerhead include aerating aquarium if you do not have air pump & air stone. Aerating water oxygenates it which increases the oxygen present in aquarium water & releases carbon dioxide. Beneficial bacteria, live plants & aquarium inhabitants need oxygen.

How to install powerhead in aquarium
How to install powerhead in aquarium


For certain filters installed outside aquarium, water should be pumped so that it can enter filter & after filtration of water, clean water flows back to tank. During half of the cycle gravity is used but for other half, a powerhead is needed.

Powerhead is used to push water into or out of filters or SUMPS. It has different prices based on how much water you want to move in an hour. Powerhead are available from low budget to high budget which is based on the size of tank & flowrate of water. Powerhead must be setup inside aquarium & need to be submerged in water.

Most of the powerhead available in market have instructions about its installation in tank. It is easier to assemble powerhead & can be connected to filter.

Powerhead can work with ease in any size of tank. Use pump that is able to drive your tank filter. It is suggested to use powerhead because it can help provide best filtration.

An end piece is normally connected to pump which is used for sucking aquarium water. It has many small holes which can lower the pump pressure which might harm aquarium inhabitants. Suction of water takes place from the bottom level & it passes through the hose. Powerhead works by causing pressure difference between ingoing & outgoing valves.

Attach powerhead to the holder which has suction cups that attaches the powerhead to aquarium glass.

Watch video below which shows how to install powerhead in aquarium:

How to install powerhead in aquarium


Since the powerhead has twin outlets, one outlet will circulate water inside the tank which somehow do the same job a wave maker would do. 

Outlet can be opened or closed that can help in circulation of water. After removing the cap, water flow will be reduced. Powerhead offers even more amazing features. Lifting the powerhead has better water circulation. The outlet of powerhead is outside water & it is pushing water with high force which certainly means circulation of water inside tank.

After submerging the powerhead in water, another feature of the PUMP can be experienced such as it can help in water circulation. Another opening is available for air bubbles. An air tube is attached to that opening & I have placed the other end of the tube outside aquarium water. Now powerhead will make bubbles & will cause lots of water disturbance which is a very good feature. No need of air stone or air pump for oxygenation of tank water.

Armada Aquarium Powerhead Review:

Check out our review of Armada aquarium powerhead AR3880. Capacity of this pump is 2500 L/H & it utilizes 35 W power & max. operational height for this pump is 1.8 M. It comes with limited accessories & you can setup this pump very easily. You can use hose, air tube, strainer & suction cups. Nowadays almost every aquarium powerhead comes with dual outlets. 1 of the outlet is used for pushing water to the filter, other outlet is used for water circulation in the aquarium. A small attachment to the outlet pushes air, which is released in the aquarium in the form of air bubbles.

My old pump has a long pipe & strainer so I am using it for this new pump. As it will trap all the waste particles coming from the bottom of aquarium & will push it to the filter for cleaning. I have replaced the strainer for air tube with a check valve so under no circumstance water can be pushed out of aquarium & make mess on the bottom. Air pump will aerate water which helps in oxidizing aquarium, adds good bacteria, & provides oxygen to aquarium inhabitants & plants.

Armada AR3880 Powerhead Package:

The package includes the following items:

Armada AR3880 Powerhead Package
Armada AR3880 Powerhead Package

Blue hose is used for pumping water to aquarium.

Air tube is used to aerate aquarium.

Instruction manual is available & it describes how to setup powerhead

Powerhead has glass mounting bracket at the back which helps you to attach pump to aquarium glass

Other accessories include strainer, suction cup, & airline attachment

Assemble Armada AR3880 Powerhead:

Assemble Armada AR3880 Powerhead
Assemble Armada AR3880 Powerhead

Assembling all the components is very simple. Air tube strainer is attached to powerhead which helps connect air tube to pump. Strainer is connected to the bottom of powerhead which stops large particles. Other end is connected to filter via a blue hose. This way you do not suck water with high pressure that might hurt fish.

Attach pump to aquarium glass
Attach pump to aquarium glass

The pump offers 180-degree rotation. Suction cup can help in attaching blue hose to aquarium glass. I am using a 2-year-old pump in my aquarium that still works but needs an upgrade. I have installed my new pump in aquarium & it is time to remove that old one. Pump performance detoriates over time & it needs upgrade after continuous operation for a longer period of time because of pump loses its efficiency after prolong operation.

Attach old pump pipe & strainer to new pump
Attach old pump pipe & strainer to new pump

My new pump comes with dual outlet which further increase water flow rate by blocking one outlet. I have connected my old pump long pipe & strainer to my new pump. It helps trap waste from the bottom of aquarium. This pump pushes water to an overhead SUMP filter which removes waste particles & allow clean water to go back to aquarium. I have connected check valve to the other end of air tube.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Powerhead:

Powerhead is used to offer high power at low noise. It works reliably in aquariums. Submersible pump can work effectively in tank water & it is smaller in size. It does not need higher energy than other pumps. It can suck water from the bottom due to pressure & pushes water through the output hose which consumes less energy. However, powerhead can cause heat & could end up overheating & malfunction if not submerged completely in water.

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