Breeder box to raise guppy fry & adult guppies in the same aquarium:

It is a beautiful net breeder that can be used for various purposes. The design of breeder net is simple. It has a frame with locking legs & a beautiful nylon net is wrapped around the frame which stops fries from escaping & stops adult fish from entering breeder net.

Breeder nets are designed to let optimum water flow through the net. Apart from saving fries, it can be used for other purposes such as isolate harmed or violent aquarium inhabitant.

It is the best choice to save fries & fish eggs from their mother or predators. It can provide a temporary quarantine for an injured fish to heal or any aggressive fish can be kept in this net for some time.

Raising guppy fry is very simple & you won’t need extra maintenance if you have a breeder box. Breeder boxes are available in different types. You can use a cheap breeder box which separates adult guppies from fry using Nylon mesh. It is made up of a plastic frame & a net, & you can attach it to the aquarium glass using suction cups. Keep the top of the breeder box above water level.

In this tutorial I will show you how to raise fry & avoid mature guppies from eating them in a shared aquarium.

How to raise guppy fry & adult guppies in a shared aquarium

As a result, there will be more chances that babies will survive & would not be swallowed by grown-up guppies. If you want to keep guppies as pets, then it is suggested to find a bigger tank because although adult guppies are small in size but they deliver many babies & the babies grow too quickly & soon you will have insufficient space.

You can follow a step by step procedure of protecting guppy fry from getting swallowed by their mother & other mature guppies that you are keeping in your aquarium. Breeding & raising guppy fry with adult guppies is very simple than keeping them in separate tanks which will allow you to maintain both tanks.

Step 1: Buy food for fry & also a breeder box to separate fry from adult guppies:

After seeing many little beautiful fry of one of my guppy, I added artificial plants to guppies aquarium to save the babies. Adult guppies showed interest in the fry & they were chasing them & I was worried that they might not bite or swallow them. I quickly bought some food for the babies & also a breeder box that can help in raising the fry. It is very simple to set up the breeder box but it was difficult to catch the fry & shift them to the breeder box. They were moving too fast & it was difficult to spot them due to their small size. It is easy to breed guppies & raise the fry by keeping both fry & adult guppies in a shared aquarium.

Step 2: How to setup a breeder box:

Step 2: How to setup a breeder box
Arrange frame like box shape & cover it with nylon

Take out all frame pieces & arrange them like box shape. Then cover the box with a nylon mesh so that it can only allow water to enter the breeder box. Top of the breeder box is open so keep it above water level. I recommend this method of separating adult fish from fry because it is very convenient, cheap & do not require additional maintenance. The net does not allow fry & adult guppies to mix up but allow water to flow through the breeder box & you won’t need a separate cycled aquarium, separate heater & filter for fry. I hope you have learnt a simple method of avoiding bullies from eating fry & how to setup a breeder box.

Pros & cons of a breeder box:

Breeder box is a cheap & convenient solution to separate adult guppies from fry. You do not require a separate heater or a filter, & there is no need of additional maintenance. No need to wait for a fresh tank to cycle. However, there are few cons of using breeder box such they only provide a temporary solution. You cannot put adult fish in the breeder box for too long because they will grow slowly in breeder box. You can shift the guppy fry to a separate aquarium after 2 weeks so that they have more space for swimming.

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