Aquarium Builds and DIY Projects

Aquariums and fish keeping is a hobby that people can hardly resists. Most of us would have kept an aquarium at some stage in our lives. Either it would be during childhood or adulthood and some people even keep and breed fish for business purpose. Even though market build aquarium can be cheap if they are small in size but if you are after some large aquariums then it is always cheaper to build your own fish tank, stand, cabinet and canopy.

Below are some of the aquarium related projects i have completed in the past. You can read and watch step by step tutorials in your free time. Have fun and i wish you good luck in building your own tank.

DIY Aquarium How to Build Aquariums & Stands
How To Restore Aquarium Cabinet and Canopy
Aquarium Restoration: Buying a new aquarium cabinet and canopy is the easiest way to start the hobby. But keep in mind that restoring an old cabinet and canopy is very easy. Find out yourself how easy it is to refurbish a used aquarium cabinet and canopy.

How To Wrap and Paint Aquarium Stand
Wrapping and Painting Stand: After building an aquarium stand, the next step is to wrap and paint it. I have used plywood sheets and black paint to complete the project. Read and watch step by step tutorial on wrapping and painting an aquarium stand.

How To Build An Aquarium Stand
Build and Aquarium Stand: Store bought aquarium stand are expensive and not really sturdy. You can build a stand for your fish tank for a cheap price by using wood and it can support more weight than a market built stand. I have used 2x4 wood to build a stand for a 4 feet aquarium.

How To Build an Aquarium Canopy
Build Aquarium Canopy: A canopy for an aquarium is not a necessity but it give a tank a good look. It also hides aquarium top filter, air pump and lighting. But the aim is to make it as light as possible. I have used thin sheets of plywood and thin wood to build aquarium canopy.

How To Spray Paint Aquarium Glass
Spray Paint An Aquarium: People usually attach aquarium background to the glass which is an expensive option and doesn't look natural. There are other cheap and aquarium safe options available. Such as painting and easiest option would be applying spray paint to the fish tank.

Clean An Old and Dirty Aquarium
Restore An Old Tank: A used fish tank usually comes with all the dirt, dried algae and calcium build up. But do not stress over it if there is no leaks in the tank. As restoring and cleaning an old and dirty aquarium is very easy and affordable.

Let me know what is your opinion regarding building your own aquariums, stands and canopies. And any tips and tricks you would like to share with the broader Fishaholic community.
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