Do Sparkling Gouramis need an aquarium filter or aerator?

If you are a new fish keeper & want to setup a tank for Sparkling Gourami, then you might be wondering if it is possible to setup a low-tech aquarium for Sparkling Gouramis that does not include a filter, then I can help you through this post.

Do Sparkling Gouramis need an aquarium filter or aerator?
Do Sparkling Gouramis need an aquarium filter or aerator?

I think that you can setup an aquarium for Sparkling Gourami without a filter but it is recommended to add heaps of aquatic plants as they clean water & do not produce water movement. Sparkling Gouramis need low water movement. They do not prefer turbulence in the water, & need low oxygen because they breathe oxygen directly from the air.

Sparkling Gouramis love plants because they live with abundance of plants in the wild. Aquatic plants clean impurities by absorbing toxic chemicals that help in the fertilization of the plants. They also offer lots of hiding spots for Sparkling Gouramis because these small fish need hiding places where they can hide & rest that relieve their stress. Sparkling Gouramis prefer to hide in the plants that offer them shelter.

If you want to setup a filter in Sparkling Gouramis tank, then I would recommend a filter with an adjustable water flow rate as it does not produce high turbulence in the water.

I would advise you to add heaps of aquatic plants in Sparkling Gourami aquarium instead of adding a filter because they will clean water quickly & efficiently. You can save electricity if you add aquatic plants instead of adding a filter. Aquarium plants also absorb CO2 released by fish & release oxygen in the presence of lights. Sparkling Gouramis do not like fake plants so avoid adding them to their aquarium. Usually Sparkling Gourami do not give good response to artificial plants.

My recommendation is to add Hornwort & Water Wisteria in Sparkling Gourami aquarium as they grow well with live fish.

In the end, I would like to say that there is no need to add any filter in Sparkling Gourami aquarium. However, regular maintenance will be required. Change water on a weekly basis & during water change, siphon substrate to remove the dead plant leaves, remaining food, fish waste & other debris. Refill aquarium with fresh de-chlorinated water. Make sure fresh water has the same temperature as aquarium water because temperature fluctuation stresses your fish.

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