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Aquarium filter provides mechanical and biological filtration and it is a crucial component of all type of aquariums. Mechanical filter media cleans the water of any debris such as excessive fish food and fish waste and it ensures that only clean water passes through biological filter media. To establish bacterial colonies in the tank, biological filtration is of utmost important. Bio media is house to both aerobic and an-aerobic bacteria which converts ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrates.

Most of the market built aquarium filter might not be suitable for your aquarium due to size, weight and the level of modification required to the tank in order to attach the filter. I take this as an opportunity and would like to share my own projects on building aquarium filters at home. And after reading these tutorials and by watching step by step videos, you would be able to build your own DIY aquarium filter for the tank. 

DIY Aquarium Filter Setting Up and Building Aquarium Filter
Build an Aquarium Filter (HOB Sump)
DIY Aquarium Internal Sump Filter: Internal sump filter is build to optimise the filtration of the tank. It is operated by a sponge filter and the container itself is attached to the glass of the tank which also makes it a hang on back sump filter. Improve your tank filtration for under AUD $15 by building a HOB sump filter

Build Top Filter For Aquarium
Top Aquarium Filter: An aquarium top filter is always cheap and easy to design as there is no need to drill any holes through the aquarium glass. Top filters can easily be modified to add more mechanical and biological filtration if the inhabitant of the tank increases in size or numbers [aquarium top filter]

DIY Aquarium Filter (overhead sump)
Aquarium Overhead Sump Filter: Overhead sump for the fish tank is most favourable filtration method used by the hobbyist. It is scalable, efficient and could run on easily on one powerhead for the tank. You can literally build a sump for any type of container that fits fine on top of the tank, [overhead sump for aquarium]

How to Setup a Bio Sponge Filter
Setup Bio Sponge Filter: Sponge filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration. Adding 2 sponges to a filter increases its efficiency and 2 additional compartments for bio media will boost the biological filtration. Learn how to setup a double sponge filter with bio media [bio sponge filter]

DIY Aquarium Filter under 20 minutes
DIY Aquarium Filter: Aquarium internal filtration is so far the easiest filter to build and maintain. If you are setting up a tank and want to cycle your tank faster than rather than waiting for your market filter; you can always build your own internal filter for aquarium in under 20 min, [diy aquarium filter build]

Overhead Aquarium Filter: Efficiency of an aquarium filter depends on the way filter media is setup. Most of the hobbyist tend to rush through this phase and compromise the performance of their aquarium filter. Learn how to [setup filter media in aquarium overhead filter]

Setup a Double Sponge Filter in Tank
Double Sponge Filter: With a double sponge filter in the fish tank you can take benefit of using 2 sponges instead of traditional single sponge filter. It is very easy to setup and offers best internal mechanical and biological filtration. [Setup double sponge filter]

Build A Free Sponge Filter
DIY Free Sponge Filter: Cycling a fish tank is the most important part of setting up an aquarium. If you don't want to wait till the shops open or don't have money to buy a filter then build yourself a free sponge filter. You will learn about how i build myself a [free sponge filter at home]

DIY Aquarium Filter Made of Bottle
Aquarium Bottle Filter: Aeration and filtration of a fish tank can be achieved by creating this simple internal filter. It is operated by an air pump and noise of the filter can be reduced by adding an air stone. Step by step method to build an [aquarium filter made of bottle]

What is your preferred aquarium filter and how often do you change your aquarium water.
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