Aquarium Filtration For Clean Water

Aquarium filtration consists of two main components; mechanical filter media and biological filter media. Some people also use chemical filtration which is optional and could only be used when it is required.

Mechanical filter media ensures that only clean water flows through the biological media. Depending on the size of an aquarium filter; i would highly recommend using three types of mechanical filter media; coarse foam, medium foam and a fine foam.

A good biological filtration will establish healthy bacterial colonies in the tank. Good bacteria is also known as beneficial bacteria and it consumes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and convert it to something less harmful for the fish. 

Filtration In Fish Tank Efficient Filtration In An Aquarium
How to Setup Filter Media in Aquarium
Setup Mechanical Filtration: Mechanical filter media is an important component of aquarium filter. It serves the purpose of cleaning water of any debris, fish food and fish waste before it travels through chemical or biological filter media. Learn how to setup mechanical filter media in the fish tank.

What is Nitrogen Cycle in an Aquarium
Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium: The three main toxins in a fish tanks are ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. And only fully cycled tank will take care of these nitrogen compounds. Learn in detail how you can achieve nitrogen cycle in your aquarium.

Aquarium SUMP
Aquarium Sump: Sump is a container used for increasing water volume. Also it can hold fish tank products like filter, heater, protein skimmer etc. Aquarium SUMP is divided into 2 types; overhead aquarium SUMP & under aquarium SUMP. Learn in detail how aquarium SUMP works.

Setup of biological filtration
Biological Filtration: Biological filtration is the most important of all filtration types. Most of the fish die due to lack of biological filtration. It is easy to setup biological filtration in aquarium. Biological filter media includes ceramic rings & bio baki balls. Learn in detail how to setup biological filtration in fish tank.

Internal Filter V External Filter
Internal Filter V External Filter: The most common types of filters are internal aquarium filters. They are installed inside aquarium. External filters are located outside aquarium & they contain more filtration media & are more costly than internal filters. Learn in detail the difference between internal & external filters.

How to grow sweet potato in aquarium
How to grow sweet potato in fish tank: Sweet potato plant has multiple advantages because it can help in free nitrates filtration which is toxic to fish. Also it can provide a hiding place for stressed fish & fish fry. Sweet potato does not require that much maintenance. Find info. about how to grow sweet potato in aquarium.

Top 5 filtration systems used in aquarium
Top 5 filtration systems used in aquarium: A clean aquarium will need a filter that can remove fish waste present in the water & allow good bacteria to grow which is beneficial for aquarium inhabitants. Learn about top 5 filters that are commonly used in aquarium.

How to clean sponge filter in fish tank
How to clean sponge filter in aquarium: It is really important to learn about how to clean sponge filter present in your aquarium so that you can clean only fish waste in the sponge & do not lose beneficial bacteria present in the sponge. Learn more about how to clean sponge filter.

How to maintain fish tank filter
How To maintain an overhead fish tank filter: A SUMP filter contains enough filtration media & it does not require high maintenance, & you don't need to change water after every 1 or 2 weeks if you have enough beneficial bacteria. Learn about how to maintain a SUMP filter.

Let us know what type of filtration do you use in your aquarium and how do you keep your tank water clean and healthy for your fish.
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