Why do Goldfish eggs float on the aquarium water?

You can find your Goldfish eggs floating on the surface due to lack of CO2 or oxygen in aquarium water. The main reason for the shortage of CO2 or oxygen is heaps of aquatic plants in the aquarium. Live plants absorb CO2 & release oxygen during photosynthesis in the presence of light, & in dark, the reverse happens. Due to this process, your aquarium water have lack of these gases. The ideal way to deal with the floating eggs is to take them out using a fish net.

Why do Goldfish eggs float on the aquarium water?
Why do Goldfish eggs float on the aquarium water?

Why are my Goldfish eggs not hatching?

Hobbyists need to wait for up to 10 days for Goldfish eggs to hatch. Normally the hatch time is b/w 7 to 10 days. The main reason why eggs take longer to hatch is unsuitable temperature.

The temperature of the Goldfish breeding aquarium should be kept b/w 70 to 75 to ensure ideal egg progress. If the temperature is not kept in the ideal range, then the eggs will not hatch on time & the fries might die inside the egg.


How to move Goldfish eggs from parent to breeding aquarium?

If you discover apricot-coloured Goldfish eggs then congratulations your eggs are fertile which means that they can produce fries. Infertile eggs are white & they do not produce babies.

It is important to setup a Goldfish breeding aquarium for hatching eggs. If Goldfish deliver eggs in the breeding aquarium, then you should only remove the parents from the aquarium once the eggs are delivered & fertilized by the male Goldfish.

Otherwise, you should move the eggs to another aquarium, which can be difficult if the eggs have been delivered in the main aquarium with several fish. The eggs can be found scattered over the plant so it is recommended to take out the plant & move it to another tank.

Some experts think that the eggs should be left where they have been delivered to prevent damage. However, the main problem with this procedure is that the fish might eat the eggs before the fries are born.

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