How to setup Goldfish fry aquarium & take care of babies?

When Goldfish babies are born, offer them excellent food & suitable surroundings until they reach maturity. Goldfish eggs take around 7 days to hatch. The hatch time may be longer in case of unsuitable temperature.

The new-born Goldfish babies will feed on their egg sack for 2 to 3 days. When the egg sack has vanished, it is time to offer them fry foods. Baby brine shrimp is one of the best fry food that you will easily find at fish stores. Infusoria is another good choice. Feed them heavy doses as Goldfish fries eat a lot.

How to take care of Goldfish fries?
How to take care of Goldfish fries?

How to setup Goldfish fry tank?

It is important to setup Goldfish fry aquarium. A sponge filter is one of the best filters for fry tanks because it offers excellent biological filtration. Ordinary filters suck fish fries, & you will find them dead inside the filter intake. Sponge filters do not suck fish babies & fries can eat the leftover food attached to the sponge. When fish fries develop a bit, it is important to setup a large aquarium for them because they will need enough space for swimming.

Goldfish fries eat a lot which means they produce heaps of poop. Therefore, ensure that your sponge filter is running all the time for processing fish waste, uneaten food & other impurities that will otherwise spoil water.

Setup fry tank temperature b/w 70 to 75 ˚F. Maintaining temperature within safe limits will improve the immunity of Goldfish fries.


Why Are My Goldfish Eggs Not Hatching?

Goldfish eggs need around 7 to 10 days to hatch. The main reason for the eggs taking longer to hatch is unsuitable temperature.

The temperature for Goldfish breeding aquariums should be maintained b/w 70 to 75 ˚F to make sure eggs develop properly. If the temperature is not maintained, the eggs will take longer to hatch or fries may die inside the egg.

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