Can different types of Betta fish Cross / selective breed with each other to give birth to babies with different colours, fins or tail patterns?

Betta is a little fish that exhibits stunning colours. Aquarists keep Betta fish alone in bowls or aquariums because of their aggressive nature. Betta fish fight with their own kind & this is the reason why it is called Siamese fighting fish. In Thailand, people call Betta fish “Pla Kat” that means fighting fish because they fight with each other. Male Bettas are usually higher aggressive than females. Peaceful Betta fish are also available but they are not as popular as Fighting Betta fish. If you want to know the difference between Peaceful VS Aggressive Betta fish, then click on the link below:

How to Differentiate between Fighting VS Peaceful Betta fish


How Male Betta differ from Female Betta fish?

Male Betta fish seem more stunning than female Betta fish. They have larger fins and richer colours. The Colors of Female Betta fish are cheap, and they are smaller than Male Bettas.

Crossbreed Betta fish for different fins, tail types or colors
Crossbreed Betta fish for different fins, tail types or colors

Is it possible to Cross / Selective breed Betta fish to yield babies that have diverse colours, fins or tail types?

Many aquarium owners have interbred different Bettas. It is possible to interbreed Betta Splendens with Splendens, or cross breed them with Imbellis or Mahachai. Cross breeding of Splendens with Smaragdine will have lower survival chances of fries. Fish owners have also bred Betta Splendens with other fish. Spawning of Betta Splendens with Macropodus will give birth to Paradise fish fries.

Interbreeding of Betta fish will produce fresh colours, fins & tail types. Different types of fins & scales are produced via selective spawning of Bettas.

Betta fish can interbreed with any species of Betta fish. Halfmoon Betta fish can interbreed with Crown tails, Veil tails, delta or other types of Betta fish. However, interbreeding of wrong Betta fish can result in undesirable shapes of fins. One more problem is that Bettas are often born via selective spawning with their own types, so interbreeding of diverse types of Bettas might cause health issues or defects in fries.

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