Best overall and cheap bio media for aquarium filters:

Aquarium filters do an exceptional job wiping out toxins released from fish poop, uneaten food, & other detritus. Aquarium filters usually provide mechanical & biological filtration. For mechanical filtration media we use foams or sponges. We use different types of bio media for biological filtration. Which bio media is best depends on the requirements of the fish keepers. Some fish keepers go for premium bio media that do an excellent job, some want cheap bio media that do a good job while others are looking for an overall best bio media that are available for low cost, & they efficiently clean water.

If you are looking for best budget bio media or best overall bio media, then this article is for you.

Best budget bio media for aquarium filter
Best budget bio media for aquarium filter

Best overall: Fluval Biomax filter media:

  • Type of filter media: Bio ring
  • Approx. size: Each bio ring is about 0.75 x 0.7 inches
  • Best for: Canister & bigger HOB filters

According to reviewers, Fluval Biomax bio media is the top bio media. Biomax rings are rough & porous therefore they offer heaps of surface for the growth of good bacteria.

The hollow centre of every rings lets water flow through the centre, allowing more oxygen to assist the growth of good bacteria. Therefore, toxic water will have more chances of interacting with the bio media, hence good bacteria will be able to wipe out more toxic chemicals for keeping water clear.

Biomax can be used directly in the filter or you can also put them in a bag to easily handle the media for cleaning. Every ring has a large size, & they will efficiently clean water when used in bigger filters.

According to Fluval, bio media needs to be changed after every 6 months however, Fluval Biomax bio media can work for longer periods if they are cleaned using aquarium water every one or two months. Fluval Biomax filter media works excellently at a low budget.


Cheap bio media: Marineland canister filter bio balls:

  • Type of filter media: Plastic bio balls
  • Approx. Size: Every bio ball has a diameter of about 0.95 inches
  • Best for: Canisters & HOB filter

Marineland bio balls are the best choice if you are looking for cheap bio media that does a great job. Every ball has a diameter of around 0.95 inches therefore they can be installed in small hang on back along with large canister filters.

Marineland bio balls are not porous, hence their inner design increase the surface area for the growth of good bacteria. They are best for agitation of the water because water flows through the media to offer more oxygen for the growth of good bacteria that will easily break down toxic chemicals.

Bio balls can be simply taken out for cleaning, especially if they are installed in a mesh inside a hang on back or canister filters. According to many reviewers, Marineland bio media are cheap & they work for years.

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