Youtube Short Videos about Aquariums & Ponds, DIY Builds, Tank Filters & Fish:

Youtube Short Video is a vertical video having a maximum duration of 60 seconds. There is a tool available on Youtube for making a short video or you can upload a video that you have made using any video editor.


How can I upload Youtube Short Video?

Youtube Stories are a bunch of small clips / videos that you have uploaded on Youtube. These videos can be viewed on mobile using Youtube application. You can access short videos from the top of Subscription feed on homepage using Youtube app.


Can I earn from Youtube Short Videos & what are the benefits of short format?

Youtube Short videos do not generate any credit. The good news is that you can upload many videos in a week using Youtube Short format which can give you more subscribers, & engage more fans which enhances watch time. Other benefits of Short videos are that five percent of viewers will close the video after one min & sixty percent viewers will stop watching your video after two min, so it increase the number of viewers who make it to the end of the clip. The retention rates of Youtube Short Videos are greater which can boost the interest of people & for a long time.


What are Community Posts & how can I access it?

Content creators having more than one thousand subscribers can enter Community posts. Still you need to wait for up to a week to see Community tab after crossing one thousand subscribers.


Fishaholic Short Videos about Fish, DIY Builds & Tanks:

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Build DIY Aquarium Filters - Youtube Short Videos
Build DIY Aquarium Filters - Youtube Short Videos

We have a bunch of short videos about aquarium & fish on our channel & we have embedded them below so that you can easily access them. Check out Fishaholic short videos below:


Snake-Necked Little Turtles (Youtube Short Video):

Check out my Youtube Short video of mature long necked turtles. Other names of eastern long-necked turtles are snake-necked or side-necked-turtles because they are able to bend their neck sideways into their shell. They are a beautiful addition to my aquarium & give me a good company. Adult long necked turtles deposit one to three clutches of eggs in a year & two to ten eggs in a single clutch.

Snake Neck Turtles can be dangerous because they have strong jaws & can bite you so avoid touching them. They eat carnivorous diets such as fish, frogs, insects, & other live foods.

Feeding Frenzy - Clown Loaches (Youtube Short Video):

I am feeding algae wafer to my clown loaches & fish. Clown loach steals food from mates by holding the wafer in its mouth & swimming away from mates because he doesn’t like sharing food with others. I hope you will love to watch my Youtube short video of feeding frenzy mode in aquarium.

Watching a bunch of clown loaches playing in the tank is satisfying, & many aquarists love to keep them in their home aquariums. People of Indonesia & Borneo eat Clown Loaches because in those regions, they grow more than a feet. People mostly keep them in aquariums because of their stunning appearance & activeness.


Watch this Video before Purchasing Discus Fish (Youtube Short Video):

Discus is a costly fish because it is difficult to keep them in aquarium. It has a beautiful body which is compressed on the sides. It looks similar to a disc.

Make sure you have pre-setup the aquarium because this fish needs water setup by reverse osmosis filter. It is important to prepare the same water that Discus has lived before because these fish are very sensitive & they face difficulty in adapting to new conditions. Because Discus are bred in aquarium over multiple generations so ask the person about tank water conditions from whom you have purchased the fish before setting up Discus aquarium.

Awesome Fish Waste Filter - Time Lapse (Youtube Short Video):

Big fish in tanks creates too much wastes which is toxic to fish. Not every aquarium filter is able to clean fish poops. Filters are designed to clean the aquarium but some of them are really helpful in removing the poop.

You can clean your fish tank using Fish Waste filter which removes all the poop & other debris from tank & collect them in a compartment. Fish waste filter is the best source of producing good bacteria in the form of biological media which converts ammonia into nitrites & nitrites into nitrates which is less dangerous for fish & you can easily remove it with regular water changes. In this video I have tested fish waste filter with good results & you can check out the performance of this filter for yourself below:


How to setup Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter (Youtube Short Video):

Sponge filter sucks water & it traps fish waste & other debris in sponges. This filter has just mechanical filtration media. No biological filtration media is included but still good bacteria grows on the large surface of the sponge so it provides biological filtration too.

In this tutorial I have provided instructions on setting up an aquarium filter that can be used as a bio sponge for filtering water in a guppy aquarium. This filter uses biological media in the real sponge filter. So far, this filter is working great in my guppy aquarium.

How to setup Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

Cool Snake-Necked Turtles (Youtube Short Video):

Snake Necked Turtles is native to east Australia. The beauty of this turtle is that instead of pulling its neck directly back like normal turtles, this amazing specie can bend its neck sideways into the shell. Snake Necked Turtle can deposit two to ten eggs. The hatching time of the eggs is around three to five months. This turtle can deposit one to three clutches of eggs in a year.

Do not play with Snake-Necked turtles because they can bite you. They feed on carnivorous foods including yabbies, frogs, fish & other live foods.

Beautiful German Blue Ram Fish (Youtube Short Video):

It is a little cichlids specie that has stunning colors & you can keep them in an aquarium because of their good behavior. My Blue Ram is living in a community aquarium with angelfish, kuhli loach, swordtail & dwarf gourami. Blue Ram shows some aggression towards my other tank species. Blue Ram is a colorful specie & your aquarium will look beautiful if you have them.

German Blue Ram Fish can live for up to three years. Aquarists like their bright colors & cool patterns on their bodies.

How to Setup Tank Top Filter (Youtube Short Video):

It is very important to buy filter for aquarium which clean contaminated water, & traps fish waste & other debris. 

Aquarium overhead filter is setup outside the tank water. Aquarists usually keep this filter under canopy. 

Watch a short video of how-to setup an aquarium top filter for fish. I am keeping Neon Tetras & many Red Cherry Shrimps in my tank. I have avoided the fish from entering the intake by covering the intake with a sponge filter. Filter can help remove impurities from water as water enters mechanical filtration chamber which removes fish waste & then water free of waste enters biological filtration chamber which breaks down ammonia & clean water flows back to the tank.

How to Setup Tank Top Filter

Kuhli Loach Fish in Aquarium (Youtube Short Video):

A very social fish who loves to be together in small groups. Although, they are not schooling fish but still they like to be with other fish. It is an eel like specie & looks like a noodle. Their small size can put their life in danger because they can accidentally enter filter intake & could end up there. Make sure you cover the intake with sponge to avoid Kuhli Loach from entering it.

Kuhli Loaches seem like eel & they swim in water like a snake. They seem scary because they resemble snake.


Aquarium Overhead Filter Installation (Youtube Short Video):

Filter is very important accessory that every aquarist must keep because it can clean water containing fish poop & other debris. They can also remove pollutants that are dissolved in water.

Check out the installation of my aquarium overhead filter for a cheap planted tank. I am using a sponge filter on the intake, which makes sure that Kuhli Loaches can’t enter it.

Water is sucked through filter intake using a pump, & then it passes through the mechanical filter media & water free of fish waste enters bio media. In biological chamber, there are pothos plants which can provide better filtration.

Cheap Planted Tropical Aquarium (Youtube Short Video):

Live plants can be used as natural filter & it absorbs toxic chemicals that are released from fish waste. Pants provide hiding spots for the fish which help stressed fish & fish can eat plants. Fries can use plants leaves & roots for hiding from adult fish, which increase their survival chances.

Watch my video about setting up a tropical fish tank. I have not added external fertilizers or carbon dioxide. Plants feed on fish waste. I have used an optimized canister filter so that it does not hurt the babies & shrimps. I am keeping many peaceful fish in this aquarium.

Fish Tank Powerhead with Aeration (Youtube Short Video):

Aquarium powerhead is used for two important functions. It is used to add atmospheric oxygen in water, creating current which move water, & it can push water to aquarium filters. 

Check out my tank powerhead installation which is running the filter & producing bubbles for aerating the water. Sponge filter is used at the intake so that little fish can’t stuck inside. I have connected the intake of top aquarium filter to one terminal of the water pump & the other terminal is used for aerating the aquarium.

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