How to Setup an Aquarium for Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid / Asian Ram Fish:

Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid is also known as German Blue Ram fish. They seem stunning in appearance, & many aquarists keep them in aquariums. They need moderate care. They are very sensitive to water conditions.




Care Level:





Up to 4 years


2 to 3 inches





Min. Aquarium Size

10 Gallons

Aquarium Setup

Planted Aquarium

Tank Mates

Small Peaceful Fish


Ideal Water Conditions for Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Fish:

The ideal temperature range for Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish is between 78 to 85 °F, & the pH range is in between 5.5 to 7.0. They need water hardness between 6 to 14 dGH.

Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish are very sensitive to rise in organic wastes such as ammonia, nitrites & nitrates so make sure you monitor your aquarium water on a regular basis using test kits to keep the levels of organic wastes in control.

Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish need partial water changes on a regular basis, like replacing up to 20 percent water every week. If your aquarium has many fish, then it is recommended to replace 30 percent water once a week.

How to Setup an Aquarium for German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish?
How to Setup an Aquarium for German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish?

German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish Aquarium Setup:

Asian Ram fish need an abundance of hiding spots inside the fish tank. It is important to put tank decorations as well as aquatic plants for offering greenery as well as heaps of hiding spots for the stressed fish to hide. Asian Ram fish can reach a size of up to 3 inches, & females are larger than males. Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid can live up to 4 years in aquariums.


Aquarium Size for German Blue Ram Cichlid Fish:

For a single fish you can use a 10-gallon aquarium. Minimum aquarium size of 20 gallons is required for a single pair. When setting up the aquatic plants, make sure you offer free space as Electric Blue Ram fish like swimming.

If you are keeping 2 pairs, then keep them in a 40 gallons of aquarium.


Substrate for Asian Ram Fish:

For substrate you can use a combination of gravel & sand.


Aquarium Filter for Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Fish:

Do not add Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish to an uncycled aquarium. Make sure you add this fish to an established aquarium that has less organic waste. Use a tank filter that generates slow water movement as Electric Blue Ram fish like slow water current. Make sure your filter is efficient in cleaning water. My suggestion is to use a hang on back filter like AquaClear Power filter that holds heaps of media for efficiently cleaning water. It is important to keep the toxins in control by regularly monitoring them with test kits.

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