Top 5 Indoor & Outdoor Aquatic Flowering Plants for Aquarium, Fish Pond or Water Garden:

Aquatic flowers offer beauty & colour to the fish tanks, ponds or water gardens. Floating flowering plants look beautiful on the water surface. Aquatic flowering plants are also used for aerating water. In addition, fish eat leaves of aquatic flowering plants & hide inside them from predator fish.

Free-floating aquatic flowering plants grow flowers on the surface of water & their roots are dipped in water from where they receive nutrition. Free-floating aquarium flowering plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, & nutrition from the water. Leftover fish food, fish poop & other debris releases ammonia that are very toxic for fish. Aquatic plants grow well by absorbing these dangerous chemicals. There is no need to add additional fertilizers for plants if you have fish in the aquarium or pond. Leaves & flowers of free-floating aquatic flowering plants grow above the surface of water.

Submerged aquatic flowering plants grow fully immersed in water. Fish release CO2 & absorb oxygen. Submerged aquatic plants absorb CO2 & release oxygen in the presence of light. In addition, they absorb nutrition.

Emersed aquatic flowering plants have their foliage above the surface of water but they are rooted in the tank or pond bed.

If you want to know which aquatic flowering plant is best for your aquarium, pond or water garden then this article can help you.


Aquatic flowers:

Aquatic flowers plants grow in water & they produce flowers. These plants grow inside water or float on the surface of water.

Some types of aquatic flowering plants grow when they are fully submerged in water. Other types of aquatic plants are rooted in substrate.

Water Lily is one of the most popular aquatic flowering plants that are rooted in substrate. A long stem grows up to the water surface. Beautiful large leaves & stunning flowers float on the surface of the water.


Indoor aquatic flowering plants:

Indoor aquatic plants have low light demands. These plants take nutrition from the water & they are rooted in the substrate.

Some types of aquatic flowering plants like sword plants can produce flowers inside water. Other types of plants will produce flowers above the surface of water like water lilies.


Amazon Sword (Echinodorus cordifolius):

Amazon Sword is a beginners friendly plant that is a very famous plant for an aquarium or pond. This plant produces long triangular leaves & little flowers that develop on lengthy immersed stems. This plant has low light requirements.

Aquatic Flowering Plant for Aquarium or Fish Pond: Amazon Sword
Aquatic Flowering Plant for Aquarium or Fish Pond: Amazon Sword

The foliage of Amazon Sword is bushy that makes it one of the best choices for a beautiful aquarium. This plant grows completely immersed in water, & the part of the plant that grows outside water will have their leaves floating on the surface of water. This plant needs warm water for growth.

Aquarists usually grow Amazon Sword at the back or in the middle of the aquarium because they grow tall.

If you want your Sword to produce flowers, then it needs nutrition & proper care. Although this plant needs simple care, some fertilizers will help this plant grow flowers regularly.



Anubias plant needs some light & it develops flowers while it is immersed in water.

A short aquarium plant that develops its flower inside water. Most of the aquatic plants usually grow their flowers outside the surface of water. It needs less maintenance as well as low light. The leaves of Anubias plant are dark & thick, & different types of Anubias plant have different shapes of leaf.

Fish can hide in the broad & long leaves of Anubias plant. Anubias plants can aerate water & save fries from adults. Leaves of this plant are hard so fish do not eat them. Goldfish or Cichlids eat plants but they do not eat Anubias.


Outdoor aquatic flowering plants:

Many types of flowers grow in outdoor ponds or water gardens. The beautiful flowers add beauty to your outdoor pond or garden.


Water Lily (Nymphaea Odorata):

Water lilies are one of the most popular plants for outdoor ponds. They produce large white flowers. This plant has flat leaves that grow over the surface of water. The foliage of Water Lilies is above the water surface.

Water Lilies need sunlight for growth. They are rooted in the substrate.

Although Water Lily is an outdoor plant, some dwarf Water Lilies can be grown in fish tanks. Bright artificial lights are required for indoor species of Water Lilies for producing flowers. It is recommended to provide light for 10 hours every day.


American Lotus (Nelumbo Lutea):

The beautiful flowers of the American Lotus seem stunning. American Lotus needs sunlight for producing flowers. The leaves of this plant are like umbrellas. The colour of the flowers is pale yellow.

Flowers of this plant grow from the roots that are dipped in the bottom of the pond. Flowers are produced in the sunlight during the summer season. American Lotus is one of the most popular plants for outdoor ponds or water gardens.


Water Hawthorn / Cape Pondweed (Aponogeton Distachyos):

Water Hawthorn produces flowers on a stem above the surface of water.

Another name of this plant is cape pondweed & it produces flowering that emerges from the water. It is one of the top plants for an outdoor pond or a garden. This plant provides cover for the fish because of its foliage & flowers that grow above the surface of water.

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