How Does an Aquarium Cooling Fan Work? Why Does Evaporation from the Water Surface Lower Temperature?

In hot summers, fish metabolic rate & activity level enhances so fish breathe more oxygen. Adversely when aquarium water temperature increases, oxygen level drops. This makes things worse for the fish because during summers they need more oxygen but the rate of oxygen in the water is less. So, it is recommended to keep aerating water to increase the amount of oxygen. Aerating water enhances surface agitation that increases evaporation from the water surface. Filters or air pumps evaporate water from the surface that cools down the temperature. However, you should add water frequently because evaporation causes loss of water.

Cooling fans can have a big impact in lowering water temperature. Water evaporation from the surface can reduce temperature because of water phase change from liquid to vapor state. When water is changed from liquid to vapor, lots of energy is released & hence temperature of the water reduces. The same is the reason why we feel cool when we sweat because heat energy from the body is released. Heat energy is utilized in changing beads of sweat into vapor that lowers body temperature.


How Do Hobbyists Cool Aquarium Water in Summers?

Many aquarists use cooling fans or chillers for cooling aquarium water in summers. You can setup a desk fan by pointing the fan towards the top of the fish tank so that air is blown across the top of the aquarium. Water will begin evaporating which will cool down the water temperature. Also, it is convenient to use a ceiling fan for blowing air across the top of the fish tank. All you need is to remove the aquarium lid or use a mesh lid. Place your aquarium below the ceiling fan so that air can hit the surface of the water. It will reduce the water temperature to a few degrees. It is very important to keep your aquarium indoors in summers because if the aquarium is located outside, then the outside temperature is hotter than the inside. Many aquarists place their aquariums in air-conditioned rooms or keep it in a cool location in summers.

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