How to warm aquarium water without using a heater?

Quick change of water temperature stresses fish. Fish can’t tolerate fluctuations in water, & some species are very sensitive even to slight water changes. Aquarists use heaters with the thermostat so that they do not accidentally overheat the water. When aquarium water reaches say 25 °C, then the thermostat stops the heater, & when water cools down a degree, then the thermostat turns on the heater. Fish can’t tolerate water changes, & cold-water fish can survive in cold water so they do not need heaters. If you don’t want to add a tank heater, then I recommend you keep cold water fish like Goldfish. People keep Goldfish or Koi in outside ponds without using any heating method.

Make sure you do web research to learn about the fish that you want to buy. Check out its temperature, pH & water hardness. If you don’t want any trouble, then buy fish that can survive in the water temperature of your location without the need of buying a heater. 

How to warm aquarium water without using heater?
How to warm aquarium water without using a heater?

What should you do if you want to keep your aquarium water warm without using a heater?

Have a look at alternative methods of warming aquarium water without using an electric heater:

  1. Keep your aquarium indoor at room temperature. Indoor aquariums are warmer than outdoors. Also, people use heaters in their rooms so if their aquarium is inside, then there is no need to setup a heating method in their aquarium.
  2. Large tanks are usually better than small ones because there is lower temperature fluctuation if your tank heater stops.
  3. If your heater stops working, then cover your aquarium either with Styrofoam or a blanket to avoid the temperature from changing quickly.
  4. Keep your aquarium indoor to avoid severe temperature fluctuations to the aquarium water.
  5. Float a bag filled with hot water to gently increase the temperature of water. Do not quickly increase the water temperature as it is harmful for the fish.
  6. Setup your fish tank in a warm room that will keep your aquarium water at the same temperature as your room.
  7. Keep the lights turned on for up to 16 hours. But if you keep lights on for longer periods, then it will increase your electricity bills, & increase the chances of algae appearing in your aquarium. Fish do not like excessive lights as they are happy to have a natural day / night cycle. So, keeping lights off during the night is better for the fish.

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