Best Aquarium Filter for Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid Fish / Asian Ram Fish:

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is not a beginners’ fish so avoid keeping this fish if you are a new aquarist. Instead, I would suggest you keep fish like molly, platy, guppy, betta, goldfish or other beginners’ fish.

Make sure you use a quality filter that can wipe out toxic chemicals released from fish poop, & other decaying matter. It is recommended to use a hang on back filter in Asian Ram fish aquarium but pay attention as high water movement can affect your fish because this fish like slow water movement inside their aquarium. AquaClear Power filter offers lots of space for adding bio media, & it works best in Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish aquarium.

Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid / Asian Ram Fish Tank Filter
Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid / Asian Ram Fish Tank Filter

AquaClear Power Filter is the Best Filter for Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid Fish:

AquaClear Power filter provides high contact time of toxic water with bio media, & it consumes less power.

You can quickly & simply setup AquaClear Power filter, & it needs cleaning after every two weeks to keep running at the highest efficiency.

AquaClear filters can offer three types of filtrations with efficiency. It can offer mechanical, biological & chemical filtration. Mechanical filter media traps solid waste particles or other debris from the water while toxic chemicals that can flow through the foam or sponge, are trapped by bio media. Chemical filtration is not necessary, & they are used to remove leftover medications or heavy metals from the water.

AquaClear offers up to seven times more filtration volume than other filters of the same size.

It can be used for up to 50 gallons aquarium.


Aquarium Setup for Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid Fish:

Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid fish can be kept in small aquariums like 10 gallons tanks due to their small size but water parameters change quickly in small tanks so make sure you can cater to these adverse effects. I would suggest you often check water quality & if anything is unstable, then consider changing partial water. Also, change up to 30 percent water on a weekly basis to keep water chemistry under control.

Mimic the wild habitat of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi inside your aquarium because it will offer all greenery, & lots of hiding spots where fish can hide. Live plants reduce ammonia & nitrate levels inside your aquarium as they consume these toxins. Contaminants are used for fertilizing aquatic plants so plants don’t need any extra fertilizers if you have fish in your aquarium. Offer free swimming space for the fish too.

Do not keep Asian Ram fish in a newly setup fish tank because they can’t survive organic waste so keep them in an established & stable aquarium that does not contain any toxins.

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