Pros and Cons of Aquarium Oil Film or Protein Skimmers (Benefits):

Oil skimmers or protein skimmers are very important for aquariums. Greasy oil builds up on the surface of water that decay & leaches out many dangerous chemicals if not removed on time. It is very crucial to have protein or oil skimmers in reef aquariums because corals are sensitive to high nitrates levels. Have a look at major pros & cons of aquarium oil or protein skimmers:

Pros / Benefits of Aquarium Oil Film or Protein Skimmers:

  • Oil skimmers remove the nasty oil film that develops on the surface of aquarium water.
  • Surface oil skimmers automatically adjust its height depending on the water level in the aquarium.
  • They do not trap little fish & invertebrates.
  • They let you replace the sponge if clogged.
  • Sponge replacement is cheap so their maintenance cost is very less.
  • They work as small surface filters.
  • They suit planted aquariums because they reduce less CO2 in the water as compared to conventional filters.
  • The surplus CO2 is consumed by live plants for photosynthesis that help plants grow.
  • It is easy to install aquarium oil surface skimmers, & they need less maintenance.
  • Different varieties of oil surface skimmers are best suitable for large & small aquariums.
  • They let you adjust the flow rate so they suit the requirements of the aquarium.
  • They reduce nitrates in the aquarium.
  • They are mostly used in saltwater aquariums because corals need low nitrates levels.
  • They remove the decaying matter & keep water clean. Saltwater aquariums need a protein skimmer because marine fish can’t tolerate high nitrates in the water.
  • Protein skimmers aerate water.
  • Protein skimmers wipe out proteins & other decaying matter before they are converted into toxic substances including ammonia & nitrites.
  • They lower the level of algae in the water by consuming decaying matter that speeds up its growth.
  • You can simply clean protein skimmers & use them again.


Cons of Aquarium Oil Film or Protein Skimmers:

  • Protein skimmers are usually costly.
  • Usually small oil skimmers have small sponge for wiping out oil film so when you use them as filters, they need high maintenance if your aquarium water is dirty.

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