How to breed and sell aquarium fish for profit / Earn money through spawning freshwater fish:

Breeding aquarium fish is not tricky if you choose the right fish that could help you in getting high income. Fish breeding is a hard process, & aquarists breed & sell aquarium fish to earn a little money that could cover their fish hobby expenses. But if you choose the right fish then you could earn more wealth. Choosing rare, expensive fish will let you earn over a hundred dollars for selling one fish. But costly fish are sometimes difficult to breed, or they might not give birth to many fries, or it could be very tricky to raise the fries & finally sell them.


How & where to sell aquarium fish:

There are many online pet selling websites where you can sell your fish. Take pictures of the fish you have & make an advertisement of the fish. Add description of the fish like age, size, quantity, gender & other relevant information. Add your contact number so buyers can contact you. Add your personal blog or channel so that buyers can find more of your fish.

Also, find Facebook groups where you can sell your fish. Make sure you sell healthy fish because negative reviews can affect your credibility & people trust. Also, offer a discount on your fish if someone is buying many from you. It is very important to earn a reputation in the fish business.

I would advise you to contact your local fish store & ask them to buy fish from you. Another way is to make advertisements & publish them in your local area. Provide your blog address & contact number. Local people can see fish on your blog or Channel, & may contact you. It is very easy to sell your fish in your local area because you can handover fish to them.

Another way is to publish ads on advertisement websites. Many websites do not allow you to publish links so take a beautiful picture of your fish & use them in ads. Provide your contact number & if someone contacts you, do tell them to check your blog for more cool fish. This way you can sell your fish & advertise your blog. Buyers may return later to buy more fish from you.

Breed & Sell Aquarium Fish for Profit
Breed & Sell Aquarium Fish for Profit

How to setup breeding aquarium for fish:


Aquarium size for breeding fish:

Use a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium as your breeding tank. But if you have large fish in the aquarium then go for a bigger aquarium. In bigger aquariums it is hard to see the inside activity.

Buy multiple aquariums for breeding & raising fries. Also, you can breed & raise fish in the same aquarium using a fish breeder net.


Artificial aquarium lights:

It is very important to setup fish breeding aquarium. Use an artificial aquarium light that allows you to adjust light intensity. Based on your fish needs, you can adjust brightness.


Aquarium heater:

Fish babies & eggs are affected by temperature of water so it is recommended to add an aquarium heater. Buy a tank heater with a thermostat because fish need stable temperature in ideal range.


Aquarium filter:

It is very important to produce current in water because it encourages some fish to mate. Use a filter that can produce current in the water. Strong water current can stress your fish & fries will have difficulty in swimming against the water current. Filters will keep the water clean & fries will have higher chances of survival.


Aquarium substrate:

Many aquarists spawn fish happily in an aquarium containing no substrate. If there is no substrate in the aquarium then it is simple to clean water, & see eggs & babies.


Aquarium plants:

  • Fish & fries can hide in the plants that lower their stress.
  • Plants encourage fish to spawn because they mimic the wild habitat of the fish inside the aquarium.
  • Plants offer breeding sites to many types of fish.
  • Live plants will keep algae in control by consuming ammonia byproducts from the water.
  • Fish & fries eat live plants. Plants serve as the first food for the new born fries.


Aquarium lid:

Cover your aquarium with a lid because fish have the habit of jumping.


Regular maintenance of breeding aquarium:

Similar to the main aquarium, maintenance of spawning aquariums is very crucial.

It is important to change 20 to 30 percent water every week. It will keep the water clean because fish release ammonia byproducts. Most of the filters consume ammonia & nitrites but nitrates are left in the aquarium. Regular water changes will keep the water clean. Also, breeding aquariums are smaller & nitrates build up faster in small aquariums so change water on a regular basis to keep everything in control.


Which fish to breed & sell for profit:

It is sometimes hard to sell rare, expensive fish because they are not in demand. Breeding & raising expensive fish is difficult & they can give you lots of profit if you are successful in raising them. But demanding fish like mollies & platies etc. are not very profitable but you can sell them quickly.

Many new aquarists like to buy beginner fish, so breed hardy fish that they want to buy. New aquarists usually start with a small aquarium, so choose nano fish. You can keep little fish in small & large tanks. Small fish are always in high demand in comparison to large fish.

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