Top 5 filtration systems used in fish tank:

A clean fish tank will need some sort of filter that can wipe out the contaminants & only let fresh water to pass through the filter. To keep fish healthy, you will need to feed them, & remove the waste particles & excess food from aquarium. Also there will be algae & other dirt in aquarium which needs to be removed too so you will need a filter to remove all the pollutants which will otherwise be responsible for the death of fish.

In this article, I will discuss 5 most important type of aquarium filtration used by the fish hobbyist.

  1. Trickle Filter
  2. Sponge Filter
  3. Canister Filter
  4. SUMP Filter
  5. Hang On Back Filter

Top 5 Filtration Systems Used In Aquarium

Top 5 Filtration Systems Used In Aquarium

1. Trickle filter:

Trickle filter will allow more air to hit water. This can be done by allowing water to trickle over a container which contains media for example plastic balls, floss or strands. When water is exposed to fresh air, good bacteria colonies grow which break down waste particles. Trickle filters can be used in both fresh water & salt water tanks.

2. Sponge filter:

Sponge filter can allow water to flow through a sponge which remove waste particles & only clean water pass through it. It can provide mechanical & biological filtration. Sponge filters are used for multiple reasons. If there is a sponge filter in an aquarium that has already a biological filter, then sponge filter will grow its own colony of bacteria. You can use the sponge filter as an emergency biological filter in a new aquarium.

3. Canister filter:

Canister filter is very important if you have a medium to large aquarium. Canister filter is located outside aquarium which does not reduce the beauty of your fancy aquarium. Such filter can force water through the filter media, which makes it good at removing particulate matter. Canister filter can be customized by changing the type & volume of media which makes it an ideal choice for your aquarium.

4. SUMP filter:

SUMP filter has a container which can be used to provide mechanical & biological filtration. Dirty water is allowed to enter SUMP filter where it is passed through mechanical filter media which removes solid waste particles followed by chemical filtration media which removes the toxic chemicals & clean water enters biological zone which allows bacteria colonies to grow & water flows back into aquarium.

5. Hang On Back Filter:

Hang On Back filter provides a very easy installation because you need to attach it to the back of the fish tank. The flow rate is a deciding factor when you are choosing a model of the hang on back filter. Also filter media is very important because the right media will work better & there is no need to put too much filter media because it will not improve performance.

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