How to build a free rock cave in aquarium:

A rock cave is usually added to aquariums to offer a natural like environment to fish. With the addition of rock cave, the tank looks beautiful. It can provide a hiding place for fish, also fish can live a healthy & happy life.

Please watch the video which shows a step by step procedure of building a rock cave which is free of cost & easy.

How to build aquarium rock cave

Step 1: Where to find rocks:

Where I can find rocks
Where to find rocks

Make a free tank rock cave structure by gathering rocks / slates & putting one on top of another. You can discover beautiful rocks along rivers, lakes, reservoirs or bush. Do not take rocks from a location which is near to any industrial land where dirty water could pollute the rocks & it will not be safe for fish health.

Step 2: I collected all rocks from a reservoir:

I collected rocks from a reservoir
I collected rocks from a reservoir

I gathered all rocks from a reservoir & build a rock cave for a pond or aquarium. I left the rocks behind after filming the tutorial because I do not want to build a rock structure in my tanks. I have recorded this video to tell you how simple it is to make a free rock structure for a tank.

Step 3: Time to clean dirty rocks:

Time to clean dirty rocks
Time to clean dirty rocks

When you finish building a temporary rock cave then it is time to clean it before putting it in aquarium. Rinse rocks with hot water & use brush or scrubber to remove all the dirt. Repeat this process multiple times till it is 100% clean. It is recommended not to use any detergent during cleaning process because soapy stuff is harmful to fish.

Step 4: Build a rock cave for aquarium:

Build a rock cave
Build a rock cave

Now it is time to setup the rock cave inside aquarium. This time build the same structure & make sure it is strong. When the structure is complete then it is time to observe your fish. Fish are often scared when you add something new to aquarium but soon they start to love it if it has some hiding places where they can rest & avoid humans.

Give a feedback or ask questions:

I hope your fish will like this new structure. This tutorial will save your time & money so I hope you have enjoyed watching it. Don’t forget to give your feedback & if you want help in building rock cave then mention your question in comment & we will help you.

Pros & cons of free aquarium rock cave:

Aquarium rock caves will not affect inhabitants’ health. They are aesthetically appealing & fish love to have such exploratory structures which they can discover. They can also offer shelter & entertainment. They are safe to put in aquarium & nontoxic. It is not a good idea to put too many rocks inside aquarium because cleaning process will take more time & you would have to remove all rocks before cleaning them. Some food particles could be trapped inside cave which would be toxic. It will be difficult to catch your fish if you have rock cave in aquarium. Some rocks will affect the water parameter which is not good for some fish. Rocks are heavy & even if you have an aquarium made of glass or acrylic which can withstand heavy weights, set limits on the number of rocks.

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